Who We Are.

A pioneer in the early design and fabrication of MEMS devices, and with expertise in bonding processes.

AML are now focused on the development and manufacture of advanced wafer bonding equipment with the unique advantage of in-situ wafer-wafer alignment.

Our Timeline:

  • October 1992AML Founded

    Applied Microengineering Ltd (AML) was founded by a group of talented and passionate engineers, initially involved in MEMS design and manufacture. Rob Santilli and Tony Rogers would go on to run AML with great success for almost 30 years, designing and manufacturing advanced equipment for wafer bonding.
  • 1993First Wafer Bonder

    Bespoke anodic bonder - based on a scanning electron microscope chamber and manipulator was built for a European customer.
  • 2001First Productionised Bonder

    Based on the earlier anodic bonders, with improved functionality that set the physical template for subsequent bonders.
  • 2002First Bonder for Commercial Production

    First bonder that was supplied to a company for production rather than Research and Development.
  • 2004Introducing Aligner Wafer Bonder AWB-04

    First AWB-04 “Aligner Wafer Bonder” - multifunctional system, not only for anodic bonding but also direct, thermocompression, eutectic, adhesive and glass frit. Suitable for bonding 4” & 6” wafers.
  • 2006First AWB with 8-Inch Capability

    AML developed and sold the first AWB-08 for bonding 6” & 8” wafers.
  • 2007In-Situ Radical Activation

    One of AML bonder's most valuable functions - RAD activation was introduced. In-situ surface activation for Low Temperature Direct Bonding became one of our major selling points.
  • 2009Company Expansion

    AML acquired additional buildings as part of a large-scale expansion.
    A new laboratory and a cleanroom were also commissioned at this time.
  • 2011 - 2014Further Business Development

    This was a period of even more intensive R&D work on both bonding processes and machine improvements. More talented engineers joined AML's already dynamic R&D department.
  • 2014 - 2018Significant System Improvements

    AML introduced many exciting machine improvements, including NIR cameras, Force Uniformity, Ultra High Vacuum and 40kN contact force.
  • 2021New Management

    AML's founders Rob Santilli and Tony Rogers retired and passed the company onto the existing and experienced team.
  • 2022Celebrating 30 years!

    In October AML celebrated 30 years as a trusted supplier of wafer bonding equipment.

We are located on the UK's foremost Science Park - Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire.

AML have over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor and wafer bonding industry.

Did you know?

AML are committed to, and renowned for, the highest levels of global customer support.