Unique in-situ aligned wafer bonding machines & services
for IC, MEMS, Compound, Semiconductor & PV Industries

Harwell Campus - www.harwell.org.uk

Imperial College London - www3.imperial.ac.uk

Heriot Watt University - Microsystems & Nanotechnology MSc Course - www.cee.hw.ac.uk

FSRM - Training courses in MEMS - www.fsrm.ch

IMANE - The wafer level packaging process developed by AML for IMANE features Chip to Wafer process with CMOS device bump bonded directly to through wafer vias, and sealed in a hermetic cavity via aligned anodic bond.
Hermetic through wafer vias are created in a Glass ‘carrier’ wafer which prevents current leakage, and vias are filled from the bottom up with electroformed Gold. Although intended for implanted integrated systems, this technology may be applied across a range of devices requiring hermetic or vacuum sealing and through wafer interconnection. The processes used to fabricate this package (via and chip-cavity formation by powder blasting, electroformed vias, aligned wafer bond) are as cost effective as they are flexible, and combine with AML’s wafer bonding expertise to offer this packaging technology across a range of wafer and via materials and bond techniques. - www.uclouvain.be/sites/imane/

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